about CANCER

Cancers are recognized as complex and specific. One of these features is to stick perfectly to the description of people wearing this astrological sign.
he main features that we usually recognize cancers are empathy, intuition, imagination and loyalty. They are also known to be emotional and sensitive, but nonetheless very active. If we find them also several flaws, some of these features make these the most rewarding people and passionate in love! The website “demotivateur.fr” has identified some of the reasons that explain this reality. Here are some excerpts from their finds!
They are protective
Cancers are protectors; they will defend those they love until death and beyond.
One of the reasons why you should have one of the sign Cancer in your life, it’s for his immeasurable dedication. When you become close to a Cancer, you’re part of the family. And for them, the family is most important thing. They will be ready to do anything for the sake of a few lucky they let in the small circle of their shell. In their relationships, it is sometimes perceived as a negative, because Cancers can easily become jealous. Yet, it just means that they give a lot of attention and importance to those who are dear to them and they are ready to fight all out to protect this grabs that they consider theirs.
They are passionate about
Recognized as the most sensitive and the most emotional, Cancer zodiac sign made with love and dedication. That’s why it’s the most tender lover. Having Cancer as a partner is a blessing, because the crab you will pay infinite attention. Intuition, one of their major assets, plays a big role here. It is this intuition that gives them this native energy making them gentle and affectionate. They are particularly sensitive to the needs of others, and make them even before the their!
They are dreamers and a lot of imagination
With so much love and a highly developed sense of imagination, Cancers are considered dreamers of the zodiac. They are prone to romanticism and idealism, which can also make them likely and susceptible to the effects of love and relationships. They will never settle for the ordinary, and prefer to create their own versions of fairy tales. Their imagination drives them to constantly look to the future. In their romantic relationships, this quality, combined with their very great loyalty, make excellent partners for relationships long term because they are dedicated and loving.
They are incredible people to confide
If you need to talk to someone, you need to a Board or just an ear and a shoulder to cry, go see a Cancer.Their great sense of empathy gives them a great listening skills. They are honest, straight and attentive, and feels strangely good when we decide to open up and to confide in them. In love, it is a major benefit (for obvious reasons). Honesty, listening and confidence are paramount elements within a couple and for this, the Cancers are absolutely perfect.
They love the challenges
Cancers often say that if it’s too easy, it probably isn’t interesting. And that is why relations with the Cancers are not always easy. They are not naïve and do not say what to do, they love to challenge others and questioning… That being said, their desire hard to do what they love, even when they are advised otherwise, make friends and inspiring lovers.
Even if they are not stubborn like the bulls, their determination is for them a way to access the passion and excitement, even when the odds are against them.Although the Interior, their flesh is soft and fragile, outside the shell of the crab is hard as a rock. In their relations, Cancers are willing to work hard to solve problems instead of giving up or to choose the easy way. They want it work, if they think it’s worth the trouble and the price, and they will be willing to do anything for this.

They fit perfectly Cancers can adapt and keep pace. Like crabs who must often molt and lose their shells to make news, they know to be strong in situations of change.Although Cancers do not particularly like the solitude, they know be alone and without anyone. They affectio