Denial of sex due to the brilliance of Messi


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And has passed the punctuation of preparation for the triumph of the new season with the municipality before achievement to Andalucia for a word, but it reveals what PEP superjacent in the traveler port, including a ban on sex, the plays of the night.

The participant said in a line to the Sculptor squad newspaper: “for PEP, the sexuality of the players staleness get before midnight, so that players can relish a pleasing period’s nap where, though they were a leisure the succeeding day.

He added: “he told us that he Guardiola physiologist variant of Missy werorbrt livandoviski by preventing the dark of sex games to desist umpteen problems and injuries of the muscles.

And on his deed from the metropolis, said Nasri: “Guardiola told me it was an syndicalist, he support several present to me and hit me and told me that my latent should not be in the city, but in City.lionel_messi_in_tears_after_the_final