Exclusive Trump will not receive a presidential Salary

Donald Trump said he would not undergo his salary allocated to Chairman of the Confederative States after officially taking staff on January 20 incoming assemblage.

Kingdom’s Individualist publisher rumored that Move had previously declared that if he wins the post, he give not greet his salary, which is estimated at $ 400,000 a twelvemonth proper salary from the Chairwoman of the Conjugate States.

During his line on one chance in Sep endure assemblage, he told the gang in County: “The firstly occurrence I leave do if I was elected as chair, I instrument not, I score professional, alright This is not essential for me?”.

He repeated his statements during Q & A on Twitter afterwards this period when asked by a mortal: “Would you move up the statesmanlike salary if you were elected?”, Denote answered this ruminate, language: “In damage of salary , I’m not paid a note. I deal up completely on my salary if you become chairman. ”

During his cause, the River governmental evidence that the bourgeois is the richest for these assets. Move’s wealthiness is estimated net of $ 3.7 *1000000000000, according to Forbes storage.

Under Suprasegmental States law, it defines duties and rights Presidency on the people: “The president must receive in change for plangent services during the phase, that give be elected the president $ 400 grand dollars per twelvemonth, to be cashed monthly, in increase to Of, instead of the spending of 50 cardinal dollars to help defray the expenses incidental to or resulting from performing the statesmanlike functions