Get IPHONE7 for free in exchange for donating sperm

since the beginning of this week, in micro-channels and billboards push messages in many provinces such shanghhai haubei ,,, we can easily have the latest Apple phone iPhone6s .but how is the question that pose ?? this is the response by the sperm so the sperm.
in one of the messages was writing “In Hubei Province,” iPhone 6s Continental Price (yuan) 5288 yuan, to sell their kidneys to buy fashion 6s long time, and now do not need to sell their kidneys, sperm have easily 6s, sperm bank in Hubei province wish 6 Lord thy God. ”

sperm bank ?? The United States is the largest exporter in the world of sperm (sperm big five banks in the world there are four in the United States, the United States is the world’s largest exporter of sperm. In 1964, the States States have established a sperm bank, sperm bank in the United States since the birth, was born to his aid reached about 150,000 children.
Today, the United States has hundreds of sperm banks, in which the sperm bank in California and the largest sperm bank Fairfax or semen volume or revenue in the United States are related to the first .The United States is the largest exporter in the world of sperm) after it is exactly china and shanghai
Shanghaiist according to reports, the first China Hospital affiliated to Shanghai, a sperm bank offer a golden rose to 6s iphone sperm pass.
Reported that sperm donors must have a Chinese identity card, there is no genetic history, a university degree, and should be 165 cm or more.
That meet these criteria will receive a comprehensive health examination in the hospital, medical examinations of about 1,000 yuan. By sperm is qualified candidates.
Skip supplied 17ml sample of sperm, can get 6,000 yuan. However, sperm donors must wait at least 48 days before the semen again.
Returning to our subject so china to find a solution for people selling their nothings for iphone is by giving their sperm to hospitals and sign a contract .I populations ragient well with this pub and they are 440 000 who are participated in this event so .and it is you want to win a iphone vasy;). But there are conditions:
they said that sperm donors must be aged 22 to 45 year-old male in good health, and these people were relatively complete values for the content of the micro-channel can also have their own jugements.Si the sperm donors fulfill the conditions, it is necessary to sign a contract with the sperm bank, said: offer good itself does not become the legal father of the intentions and future wishes of the child, entirely renounce straight because his father gave a result. Whether to accept my sperm married or single women residents why I have agreed to give up more rights. After a good sign the contract, the offer can be refined by a sperm bank in a also not forget that the sperm banks have no restrictions on nationality.