What is the animal that lived all his life without a drop of water to drink one?

When you consider animals can survive for agelong periods without thing to ingestion, necessarily the ordinal Sitbadr to your aim it is a camel, where it can be kept for months (in extreme circumstances) without the necessity to potable water. There is another organism would ruminate it, a camelopard, retributory Kaljml, because of the spiky pct of nutrient in the sweetener, it is mathematical to also stay for weeks without nutrient. But both slave unsuccessful each of the giraffe and camel in the not to drink the h2o, he gerbils (kangaroo rat), a typewrite of gnawer, which originated in Southeast Usa, spends his full living without a sole pall of nutrient!

Called kangaroo rat gerbils enumerate, because of its trend situation, the strength of the place legs that consent him to skip to more than 3 meters erstwhile, and desist predators. It feeds on grains and seeds lucullan in liquid, which way that all he needs food to subsist gets from substance.

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