A good citizen, and Messenger of my case, so I wanted myself to be. I was dismayed by the size and methods of fraud and violation of Norwegian law, for a bunch of Crowns. And excuses ready. And I hate living on the margin, they have worked and paid taxes, and integrated into society, without giving up my message.The Palestine always present. Since I’m new, unknown here, until that time, had a friend give me opportunities to talk about issues, or literary readings. Often I find myself in the entanglements of haunt me and I regret.Then the happiest and become the pride of telling! I learned the language, and published many articles. I received an invitation to educational lecture at Oslo airport, under the title “cultural differences”. I agreed immediately. A single lecture, provided once a week for three consecutive weeks. I started getting ready. Add to order my thoughts, arranging my appearance too, what to wear. Which colors are best suited. People here are giants, and I don’t know where they come from along the faces, they really descendants of the Vikings. More important, then choose a high heel shoe, to ease the length difference. Today I.. Wonderful feeling you’re going to the Airport leave; litterateurs yourself, also because of high heels. I went to the Office. Gently handled and refine the Norwegians. SART with a COP to a long corridor through the heavy door open with a special card. Long corridor leads to a longer corridor.Several corridors and several doors don’t open only with cards or numbers, even if Sesame Street a thousand times. Dread started sneaking into my body and my soul. Come to the spacious room, not so hard you’ll discover it’s break room and drink coffee. Different levels of the military. White faces hardly shied the blood. Bright blue eyes, stars and signs. Nice reception, hospitality to me, coffee with a cup of water and some biscuits, quieted the majestic place take into account, that anything left in me trembling. I had hoped that I could see those doors open, leg wind shot through mazes. But I’m me! I hear their voices, understand nothing. How I lost my language, how can I retrieve it.Just before you speak. Evaporated language, so I thought they only make noises only! Someone told me, got it back. Minutes ago, the room of all of them.Majestic military, looked to him like a little Ant. He leaves me room to breath alone. And refine invited me to lecture. Everyone was sitting there. It did seem heroic and I parked my heel. His often walked away from me, I’m flattered. That funny introduction invented, be the beginning of a pleasant handshake. I knew myself, and I added an apology to any syntax error, but unsuccessful. I came here at age of maturity! There are like English says: hard to learn a big dog “pyramid”, new tricks! Everybody laughed and increased redness of their faces, and with encouragement from their hands. And comments that I speak are true. I returned my memory. And the lecture, better than expected. And I paid administrator to cave in new lecture for next year.A week later I went back to aldailma itself, I found myself standing in front of new giants. Airport staff are restricted to groups over three weeks. Each time more than 40 personal.. But the comic provided input defrosting ice concern! I related to them, my ex, my desire to escape the wars experienced, taught us the fear of military suit, while she’s here in safety are grown. They laughed and applauded. The third week, he was contriving intro skit is easy. My daughter was among them. Started: this time I feel confused and worried, because my daughter is among you. And await our return home, to correct the errors committed, and to me there, you think with Arabic and writing in Norwegian. They laughed and turned her spill, someone said, and perhaps her manager: we’ll stop promoting you if I did.